Das DESKPATCH Sortiment
Which DESKPATCH is right for you?

DESKPATCH is a fun and smart new concept to make your life at the office easier: DESKPATCH adapts to all your length and color needs... boost your Ethernet connections with DESKPATCH :
DESKPATCH is available in 4 super-intense trendy colors !


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Organize your office the way you want
Discover DESKPATCH, the RJ-45 cable that meets your needs

Our studies prove it: 99.9% of the time, the ideal length for RJ-45 cables in an office is from 1 to 5 meters (3 - 16 ft). DESKPATCH is a 5-meter RJ-45 cable combined with a clever cable tidy. Discover the new way to get the most out of your connections: with DESKPATCH you can now plug your computer into the network plug and adapt the cable length to exactly meet your needs and put your desk where you want to.

DESKPATCH is smart : it's never too long, never too short, just the right length every time!

Position DESKPATCH, remove the cover.

Unroll the ideal length of RJ-45 cable and plug the cable into the network.

Plug in your PC and
close the cover.
Download our datasheets : U/UTP   F/UTP

    Ref Length Category Color
DESKPATCH ONE   Desk-VR-6-U/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A U/UTP Violet red
  Desk-AG-6-U/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A U/UTP Apple green
  Desk-BW-6-U/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A U/UTP Bright white
  Desk-SB-6-U/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A U/UTP Sky blue
  Desk-VR-6-F/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A F/UTP Violet red
  Desk-AG-6-F/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A F/UTP Apple green
  Desk-BW-6-F/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A F/UTP Bright white
  Desk-SB-6-F/5 0 to 5 m Cat 6A F/UTP Sky blue

• Professional quality:

- Performance up to 10 Gigabit/s (Cat 6A TIA/EIA and ISO).
- Compatibility and guarantee for all cabling systems.

• Available in unshielded (U/UTP) and shielded (F/UTP) versions,
   depending on your technical environments and needs.

• Deskpatch provides 99.9% of the requirements and needs of your network…
   Result: less lengths of RJ-45 cable to be stored.
   Deskpatch replaces 10, 20, 30 references by itself thanks to its universality !

DESKPATCH meets every needs

rj45 trendy colour

ethernet retractable cable

Fastens to all surfaces: DESKPATCH
can be held by sticky tape or screws,
or simply placed wherever it's convenient.

rj45 retractable cable