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Is DESKPATCH available for CAT 5e ?
DESKPATCH is efficient.

As Category 5e is less used, DESKPATCH is only available in CAT 6A at this time. It is therefore compatible with all Category 6 and Category 5E networks. Please contact us if would like to order significant volumes of DESKPATCH for CAT 5E.

Can DESKPATCH be customized ?
DESKPATCH loves changes.
If you purchase a high enough volume of DESKPATCH products, it would certainly be possible for us to consider customization for the cable holder and blister cover with features such as names, branding, and company colors. Cable color may be customized for special orders. Contact us

Is DESKPATCH sold without the cable ?
DESKPATCH is complete.
DESKPATCH cannot be sold as separate components, and there's a good reason : DESKPATCH offers you excellent quality cable, always just the right length for your needs, with a smart and fun holder...

Does DESKPATCH provide CAT 6A performance even when the cable is coiled in its reel ?
DESKPATCH thought of everything.
The minimum diameter of the cable winding for the DESKPATCH cable (70 mm) was determined so that it provides optimal electrical performance (NEXT and RL). It is thicker than the minimum diameter recommended by TIA/EIA and ISO standards.

Is DESKPATCH available with longer cable lengths (6, 7, 8 , 9 meters...) ?
DESKPATCH knows how to evolve.
Depending on your will and desires, a second version of DESKPATCH will be made available with an RJ-45 cable length of 10 meters. This version will cover lengths from 5 to 10 meters, whereas DESKPATCH One will handle lengths from 0 to 5 m. Let us know what you think.

Does DESKPATCH exist in other colors ?
DESKPATCH is available in four colors: 3 trendy colors so that network cables can become an aesthetic part of your office, and one neutral color, white. Depending on your will and desires, DESKPATCH can offer you other colors upon special request.

Is DESKPATCH guaranteed ?
DESKPATCH is reliable.
The DESKPATCH Ethernet cable is guaranteed for 10 years. This product is designed to last longer under normal usage conditions... Some people play Frisbee with the blister cover, and we decline all responsibility for this sort of practice !

Is DESKPATCH available with a halogen-free jacket (LSZH) ?
DESKPATCH gets straight to the point.
LSZH environments (jackets with low smoke emissions when burning) are mostly used in patching frames where there is a dense concentration of cabling. As this requirement is practically non-existent for general office network connections, DESKPATCH is only available with a PVC jacket.

Why is there a "ONE" on DESKPATCH ?
DESKPATCH knows how to evolve.
As this is the first cable of its type, DESKPATCH is unique because it is always just the right length. One innovation leads to another, and we are certainly willing to listen to your needs and study your ideas. Let us know...

I bought thousands of PATCHSEE patch cables recently and wasn't able to take advantage of the DESKPATCH launch.
DESKPATCH remembers its friends.
Take advantage of our "Special PATCHSEE client" offer by calling +33 472 01 10 13, or contact us.

Is DESKPATCH available with light identification like PATCHSEE ?
DESKPATCH keeps it simple.
Identifying 1, 2, or 3 RJ45 cables in an office doesn't really require light identification using plastic fiber optics. Also, several DESKPATCH colors are available. As opposed to using RJ45 cables where identification in racks, computer rooms, and data centers is important, DESKPATCH is an RJ-45 cable without light detection.

What material is used for the DESKPATCH case ?
DESKPATCH is recyclable.
The DESKPATCH case and blister cover are made from entirely recyclable materials in compliance with European RoHS standards. The case is made of polypropylene (PP), and the blister cover is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Where can I buy DESKPATCH ?
DESKPATCH welcomes you with open arms.
DESKPATCH welcomes you with open arms. Our reseller network :
If you are having trouble finding a reseller in your region, just contact us by calling + 33 472 01 10 13 or by filling in this form.

What is the minimum order quantity and how is DESKPATCH packaged ?
DESKPATCH likes to be tried.
See what happens when you call us at +33 472 01 10 13, or contact us. As long as the sales manager is happy that day...

Can I put color-coded Patchclips on a DESKPATCH Ethernet cable?
DESPATCH is practical by nature.
is sold by the unit.

Can I put color-coded Patchclips on a DESKPATCH Ethernet cable ?
DESKPATCH is sufficient by itself.
Patchclips cannot be used on DESKPATCH cables. If you want color coding to identify cables in your office, just get different color DESKPATCH cables. On the other hand, cable identification using color codes in patch racks does require multiple combinations, which is why we also make 16 different colors of removable Patchclips for PATCHSEE smart patch cords.

How do I attach DESKPATCH ?
DESKPATCH can be placed anywhere.
On smooth surfaces, use the provided two-sided adhesive tape. On other surfaces, DESKPATCH can be held with screws.

What types of cables are available for DESKPATCH ?
DESKPATCH meets every needs.
DESKPATCH is available in two CAT 6a cable versions: Unshielded U/UTP and shielded F/UTP for environments subject to electromagnet disturbance.