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" AV. fernao magalhaes nº1126 1ºandar 4350-156 porto "

Rui N - Sales Representative - End Users - Portugal - 07/2012
" We actually ordered more of the Deskpatch right away with the first order. We love this too! "

Filip S - Consultant - Media - Sweden - 02/2012
" Hello Frederic, Yes i already received the sample and it's a very good idea from PatchSee. Nice building too. Well done. Thanks "

Sergio S - Sales Dept - Data network Installer - Portugal - 10/2011
" Hi Frederic, I received the sample you sent me, I think it is a good idea and can useful in many situation. Thanks and regards "

Pasquale M - IT Italy - Pharmaceutical Multinational - Italy - 10/2011
" Hi Yes i have received it an it installed at my desk. now just to convince my managers to look at this kind of solution for the users in the building Regards Jason "

Jason V - IT Administrator - Government - South Africa - 09/2011
" It 's great and easy to use. I'm introducing it to my clients here in the Phils. I would appreciate if you could email me your dealers' pricing. Thanks for minding me!! "

Giles H - CEO - Cabling Installer - Philippines (The) - 09/2011
" Hi, Frederic Ok for demo kit, I’ll wait it; I use patchsee from the first day I have seen it. We usually use R&M cabling in our infrastructure, or Krone, but all patches in the racks are now patchsee (by GFO Italy). I think it is the best product also good quality not only “intelligent”. My friends are all informed about Patchsee. Best regards "

Tiziano M - Network Infeastructure Manager - Specialist Engineering Company - Italy - 09/2011
" I have received it thank you very much Trying to convince my boss to order a few :) "

James B - IT Manager - Computer Shop - South Africa - 09/2011
" Hi, I`ve tried out the cabel and I think it`s a good system. I think it`s perfect I you would like to use it for Notebooks where you sometimes need a bit more cabel. "

Dominik B - IT-Center - Bank - Luxembourg - 09/2011
" Hello, hello Yes, thank you, I received it and must say it looks nice. I'll be keeping you in mind when we need more cabling. Especially nice looking cabling. "

Thomas G - System manager - Information provider - Sweden - 09/2011
" Hi Frederic, I have received the Both Patch see and deskpatch. The products are really impressive. Best Regards, "

Rao B - IT Manager - Hosting / Data Centres - India - 09/2011
" Hi, I use this cable and I’m satisfied. Can you tell if these cables can also be bought through distribution ? Kind regards, "

Hugo V - IT Support - IT-Reseller - Belgium - 09/2011
" Hello, I think it’s a very usefull tool, and I think I will try to buy this “kind of cable” the next time I need cable. "

Jean D - Administrateur Réseau - Software - Belgium - 09/2011
" Thank you The Deskpatch that you sent us, is now in our show room. I hope that it will be a success to our customers. We will contact you soon. Thank you again "

Sebastiao P - - System Integrator - Portugal - 09/2011
" Hi Frederic, Thank you very much for sending me sample. They are very neat and tidy. I have put up one on my desk to show customer how do this look. Lets see the response from customers. Regards "

Jitendra C - Manager - Data Network Reseller - Botswana - 09/2011
" this is best cable what i ever had. "

Matti I - Account Manager - End Users - Finland - 09/2011
" We really liked your Deskpatch product. It will be a nice addition to the product line "

Sindre O - Managing Director - IT Resellers - Norway - 02/2011
" We purchased some PatchSee cables last year for our Comms Room but didn't need them for the desktops. This product is different but I have to say that the sample cable looks good and I like the fact that the lead is retractable a bit like a USB reel cable. "

Paul W - Technical Services - End User - Accountants - United Kingdom (The) - 02/2011
" We are putting category 6 cabling in all the new offices and may consider your product. It looks good value. "

Pat O - IT Manager - End User - Information Technology - Ireland - 02/2011
" Nice and useful product! I might even use it at home. "

John R - Network Engineer - End User - Law Firm - United Kingdom (The) - 02/2011